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The Genesis Of The Project

Already for many years we cherished the dream of emigrating. Just to leave in any southern country. Perhaps Southern Spain or Italy? But then we fell in love with Costa Rica.

After we had decided to emigrate to Costa Rica about a year ago we had to have an idea of how we want to earn our livelihood. And this of course as soon as possible.

The idea which all have came immediately: Tourism! A holiday project must be found, as the country has so much to offer. The many sandy beaches, the flora, fauna, biodiversity, climate and of course the many offers of leisure activities. In addition, the tourism has been continually growing the last years.

But how can we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers? We soon found out what is missing in Costa Rica. A holiday resort for people with disabilities! This project we want to realize!

In a further stay in the country, we analyzed the situation for wheelchairs accurate and soon noticed that there are few, if any hotels that are truly accessible. And no one has special offers for wheelchairs.

We started surveys with disabled persons in order to find out what they want and need during their holidays, how the holiday areas should be configured, what kind of infrastructure would be neccessary, and of course, if a trip to Costa Rica at all would be of interest.

Of all the responses further inspired and motivated , we now want to find a property on which we can build a small resort, which then will have the best possible infrastructure. Services include airport transfers, guided tours or even help with the trip planning we want to record gradually in our offer. We are ready to continually develop ourselves and we continuously adapt to the needs of our guests .

So through the barrier free design we are aiming explicitly on wheelchairs, which are either fully independent or have an attendant there, because we won't offer any nursing care.

Of course we want our holiday rooms be available to all people, what means, that of course persons without limitations are also very welcome to spend their holidays with us!

Everyone is welcome!