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Atenas is the capital city of the canton of Atenas. It is the 5th of 15 cantons of the province Alajuela. Atenas is also the name of the district, in which the city is located. In the canton Atenas there are totally 8 districts: Atenas, Jesús, Mercedes, San Isidro, Concepción, San José, Santa Eulalia and Escobal.


The city lies at an elevation of 698 meters above sea level on the western edge of the Central Valley, 25 kilometers southwest of the provincial capital city of Alajuela, 20 kilometers from Juan Santamaria International Airport, and 35 kilometers from the national capital city of San Jose. The district of Atenas covers an area of 8.93 km²and has a population of approx. 30000 inhabitants. The city of Atenas itself has about 8000 inhabitants (2015).


It is popularly said that Atenas enjoys "el mejor clima del mundo" what means the best climate of the world. This is due to an earlier study from National Geographic. The motto is plastered across the backs of all buses in Atenas, and even graces the name of a restaurant in town. In April there is a 3 day celebration to honor the climate. The temrperature and humidity are stable all year round. The temperatures ranging from 35°C (95°F) during the day to 19°C (66.2°F) at night.


The immaculate and picturesque center of town was built in squares as you know from the US. Devided throug Avenidas and Calles there are a lot of restaurants, Sodas and bars, supermarkets, bus station, the park of Atenas and some retail stores. There is a community health center, doctors, vets. There is of the dressmaker about hairdressers up to the car wash service really as good as anything. Coined the center is mainly through the park and the next placed church .

Things To Do

On ways to make your stay interesting and varied , there is no shortage due to the central location. Here a few examples: - coffee tour in Naranjo - pottery sightseeing in Santa Ana - bathing in the nearby waterfalls - hiking - horse riding - day tour to Poas Volcano - trip to beaches on the pacific coast (45 minutes) - Artisan Village Sarchi - Zoo Ave and orchid garden in La Garita - day tour Manuel Antonio National Park - natural pools of Desmonte - etc.